Bucket List: Exploring the Amazon Jungle

Following our exploration of the amazing ruined city of Machu Picchu, none of the other ruins around Cuzco seemed impressive anymore. We decided to take a detour and make an unplanned visit to the Amazon jungle. Luckily Inka Terra Lodge, a 5 star eco lodge was having a last minute sale. Combined with a couple cheap flights to Puerto Maldonado, we were all set for 3 nights, 4 days in the jungle.

We arrived on a small flight, bussed to the pier and then hopped on a boat to take us down river to the lodge. Our first impression of Inka Terra was fantastic. The rooms are stand-along huts facing the river, each fitted with hammocks, big queen beds, mosquito nets and a nice hot water shower. We were in paradise. The lodge offered guided half day and full day tours in the jungle, so we opted for a canopy walk, night-time boat cruise, boat tour of Gambitana creek, night-time jungle walk and a full day hike and boat ride on Lake Sandoval! We saw such an incredible array of the animals and amphibians.

A particularly memorable moment was seeing the milky way while floating down the Amazon river at night, surrounded by fireflies and the buzz of the jungle. Just the memory gives me shivers, I have never seen so many stars. I was hesitant in going to the Amazon at first (not a fan of spiders), but it turned out the be one the the most memorable parts of my entire 4 month stay in South America. I’m so glad I had the chance to see it.

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Inka Terra Lodge

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