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I visited New York as part of a Broadway Musicals and Jazz studies course through the University of Calgary, and had the opportunity to see seven Broadway shows throughout my 2-week stay. While each had their moments, I highly recommend some over others. My tastes in Broadway are quite broad, but I typically like classics and big spectacles. Here are my recommendations for anyone with the opportunity to see a bit of broadway:

Highly Recommend:


Possibly the best broadway show at the moment (IMO). The set design, costumes, story flow, and music make this an enjoyable show for anyone. If you are familiar with the book Wicked – the premise is the same but the execution is better!

Lion King

Maybe it’s just because I was a Disney lover in my childhood, but the Lion King blew away my expectations. The combination of (incredible) child actors, costumes, puppetry, props, and music made the whole thing come together in a show that made the entire audience laugh and cry.

Jesus Christ Superstar

As someone who never really got into the film, I had rather low expectations of this show and was completely surprised by how much I enjoyed it. The modern take on the story of Jesus included an industrial style set, tech-style lights, and power-metal-esq vocals. It was a strange combination that surprisingly worked really well.

For Something Camp:

Anything Goes

Possibly the most camp show I’ve ever seen, but if you can get past a little too much tap dance, its quite fun and bright. Get some cheap ticket if you have nothing else to do and smile away.

How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying

Somewhat disappointed to have missed Daniel Raddcliffs debut, the show was quite fun anyway. Definitely worth a few laughs though.

Off Broadway:

Avenue Q

I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard, but I also have a somewhat dirty sense of humor. Absolutely loved Avenue Q which features Muppet-like puppets, some risque business and some good life lessons.

Not Recommended:


The only bonus to the show was Ricky Martin, otherwise is was terrible. The story is disjointed, characters undeveloped and generally weak sets and costumes. I wanted to leave at intermission but fell asleep instead.

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