Buchart Gardens

Beautiful Buchart Gardens

Over the summer I had the opportunity to visit beautiful Victoria. One of my favorite day trips is located just outside the city in Brentwood Bay. Buchart Gardens is a huge collection of floral gardens, fountains, ponds and a network of walking trails. It is a year-round destination with floral displays that change with the season. It is internationally renowned as one of the most beautiful gardens in Canada.

I arrived in the early afternoon and was amazing by the variety of the gardens – rose gardens, Italian gardens and Japanese gardens all blended together in a peaceful space. I visited all the various area of the gardens, which took several hours and left to have supper nearby.

I returned after sunset for the evening tour and was amazed all over again by a completely different place. The main gardens are illuminated, as are the fountains, which created a beautiful new place to explore. I took hundreds of photos over the course of the day and would definitely return in the future.

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