Bullfighting in Seville

To watch a bullfight, or not to watch a bullfight. That’s a question on many travellers minds when visiting Spain. On one hand, there are very real issues with animal rights and cruelty, on the other, bullfighting is a highly regarded part of Spanish culture and has been for centuries. Unsure of my own stance on the issue, I decided to visit the Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza (Bullfighting Museum) in Seville to gain more knowledge on the subject.

The museum is located next to one of the oldest and most important bullrings in the world and uses the ring as a jump-off point of their tour. The ring seats 14,00 spectators and has impressive acoustics, allowing you to hear everything from any spot in the arena.

Inside, there is a small but interesting museum featuring artwork, costumes, posters and memorabilia from the 18th century until now. You also visit the chapel where fighters pray before entering the ring and an infirmary. It was a fantastic tour, and although I never ended up watching a bullfight, I was glad to learn more about this important part of Spanish culture. I highly recommend a visit.

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