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Gluten Free Travel in China

After Japan, China is the second hardest place to eat gluten free that I have ever travelled to. The general diet includes loads of soy sauce, dumplings, noodles, and fried foods. Communicating needs can be challenging and reading food labels is virtually impossible. Every meal and accessing snacks or quick food is difficult. That shouldn’t

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Gluten Free in Italy

Although one may not think it at first, Italy is amazingly easy to travel while eating gluten free. This is mainly because of the high instance of Celiac disease in the country, routine checkups and general knowledge the population has about the disease. This means there aren’t just gluten free options, but amazing gluten free options. In

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Gluten Free Hostel Guide

Hostelling is a popular way to see the world inexpensively. By staying in shared accommodation and having access to useful self-catering amenities, like a kitchen, to prepare meals, you can meet other traveller and save on dining costs. Having the ability to make some of your own meals is really helpful if you are a

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Gluten Free in Cambodia

Cambodia is another great Southeast Asian destination on the gluten free travelers circuit, it’s a beautiful country with delicious cuisine. Similar to the neighboring countries, Cambodian food features a lot of curries and stir-fries, typically with rice or rice noodles, and usually gluten free. For breakfast look for pineapple fried rice, which combines egg, meat,

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