Lucho Libre

A Weird Night of Lucho Libre

After spending about 10 days in Bolivia I thought I had seen it all. Dehydrated llama fetuses for good luck, guys in full zebra costumes directing traffic and witches markets selling all kinds of animal parts but nothing prepared me for the weirdest Bolivian experience of all. While milling about in our hostel we noticed …

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Dealing with Altitude Sickness

Bolivia is home to the world’s highest city (La Paz at 3600 meters above sea level), the world’s highest town (Potosi at 4090 meters) and the worlds highest navigable lake (Lake Titicaca at 3827 meters) – pretty much everything is high up in Bolivia. All this high altitude can be difficult for many travelers and …

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Border Crossing into Bolivia

A night bus from Salta dropped us at the border in the early morning and we began our journey across the border into Bolivia. We decided against the norm of going through San Pedro Atcama (Chile) to route into Bolivia, instead opting for the Butch Cassidy country of Tupiza. We arrived in La Quiaca an …

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