Chezky Krumlov

Czeching out Chesky Krumlov

Of all the small towns in Europe I have visited, Chesky Krumlov is my favorite. This lovely town in the south Czech Republic has one of the most incredible vibes to it. It is very relaxed but has a plethora of outdoor activities and attractions to keep visitors busy. Don’t fly through this place assuming it will be boring after a day due to its size, Chesky is well worth at least 2 or 3 (if not longer).

A major highlight of this town is the winding river through it, where outdoor lovers can set out on a raft for a day. Along the relaxed 3 hour journey there are sausage and beer stands, as well as numerous camp spots and hangouts. I can’t think of a better way to spend a day after touring from big city to big city.

In the evening the town is filled with activity as the residents set out for dinner in the many restaurants and pubs that line the cobblestone city center. Try some tasty traditional Czech fare like beer, meat dumplings and fried cheese or for the gluten intolerant, grilled steak, roast potatoes and salad.

Make sure to spend some time checking the lovely castle and gardens, unique handicraft shops as well as just wandering this picturesque little town. It’s a perfect stop to or from the capital Prague.

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