Exploring Chefchaouen

Tucked into northwest Morocco is the lovely town of Chefchaouen. The picturesque town is famous for its brilliant blue and white painted Medina, and it’s beautiful setting in the Rif Mountains. After a few days of frantic travel, I was excited for a few days to relax in this pretty spot.

The vivid blue and white is the first thing you notice about Chefchaouen, and it makes for some stunning photographic opportunities. Every corner you turn in the Medina is another beautiful blue doorway, archway or colorful scene. Even the walkways are painted, so at times you are completely surrounded in shades of blue. I was in awe wandering around the twisting lanes, taking it all in.

Another thing that was lovely about the town was the relaxed atmosphere. Shopping was so much more enjoyable in Chefchaouen than in the bigger cities, as there was less aggressive haggling, prices were reasonable and there were more varied and authentic handicrafts.

Chefchaouen makes a great base for exploring the surrounding area too, and there are a variety of hiking trails for both day hikes and multi-day excursions. We opted for short, sunrise hike up to the church that overlooks the town. It was a great opportunity for photography over the pretty valley.

The town also boasts great food, and many of the restaurants and cafe’s had rooftop patios or quaint street-side tables, which was great for people watching. We found a few spots that overlooked the main square and had fantastic views.

I really enjoyed my time in Chefchaouen and think it should be a must-see on every Morocco travel itinerary, especially if you love photography!

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