Gluten Free in Cambodia

Cambodia is another great Southeast Asian destination on the gluten free travelers circuit, it’s a beautiful country with delicious cuisine. Similar to the neighboring countries, Cambodian food features a lot of curries and stir-fries, typically with rice or rice noodles, and usually gluten free.

For breakfast look for pineapple fried rice, which combines egg, meat, rice and veggies all fried together with chunks of pineapple. Sometimes they even serve it in the hollowed-out pineapple! I ate this frequently and never encountered gluten.

‘Amok’ is a very tasty, mild curry, usually served with fish or chicken. It is almost always gluten free and is one of my favorite dishes from Cambodia. It is usually served with rice, and is perfect for lunch or dinner.

Watch out for any brown looking sauces as they are often not gluten free. The Cambodia dish ‘beef lok lak’ is an example of one that is not usually safe to eat as it often contains soy sauce.

Language Cards:

The Cambodian language of Khemir is a challenging and likely not one you will ever be able to read or speak, so be sure to special order some Khemir allergy cards before you go.

Enjoy this amazing country, and safe travels!

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