Gluten Free in Argentina

For someone on a gluten free diet, travel in Argentina is a delight. Not only are the staple foods celiac-friendly, but all products list whether or not they contain gluten. This includes; candy, spices, ice cream, yogurt, beverages, condiments, ect. Its also widely understood when you say “soy celiaco/a” (I´m a celiac) or “sin trigo” (without wheat).

Grocery stores don’t seem to carry much, but dieteticos, which are Argentinian health food stores carry a variety of goods. The bigger cities have a wider variety of GF products but most carried some kind of cookies and pasta. The best store I discovered was Dietitico Viamonte in Buenos Aires which carried many kinds of GF bread, cookies, crackers, pasta, cereal, and even empanadas!

Gluten free goods in Buenos Aires:

Dietitico Viamonte
Viamonte 859, Buenos Aires
The best variety of gluten free good I´ve seen in all of Argentina

Munchies Ice Cream
Several locations
Lists which ice cream is gluten free right on the board. Make sure to ask “necessito plastico” to ensure you get a plastic cup rather than a cone.

Humboldt 1551, Buenos Aires
Italian restaurant located in Palermo that has a gluten-free menu

Gluten free goods in Cordoba:

El Colmenar Dietetica
27 de Abril 61 | Phone: (0351) 411-2996
Some gluten free food items

Av. Emilio Olmos 66
Specialty foods

Rivadavia 251 | Phone: 421-6354
Specialty foods

Celiac Associations in Argentina

Asistencia al Celiaco de la Argentina

Asociacion Celiaca Argentina

Asociacion en pro de al de Ayuda Celacio
Phone: 54-351-423-9217

Fundacion Celiaca Argentina “ANCAS”
Phone: (0351) 473-1100

Language Cards

A good bet for someone who doesn’t speak Spanish is to get a language card which explains your food needs. Here is a link to some free printable language cards:

Useful Words to Know

para celiacos…… for celiacs
sin T.A.C.C………….gluten free (an abbreviation for four cereals that contain gluten, usually used to label gluten free foods)


Enjoy your time in Agentina! Its a beautiful country with lots of options for the Celiac/GF traveler. Please feel free to message me with any new resources and I’ll add them to this list. Safe Travels!

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