Hammam Experience in Granada

After a long day of exploring the Alhambra, I needed to relax and what better way than in a traditional hammam. The Hammam Al Andalus is one of the first Arab baths in Europe to be re-opened since the sixteenth century and it was a fantastic experience.

The interior of the baths were incredible, decorated with fine mosaic tile and dim lighting. Small pools have varying cool temperature water, as well as larger warm pools were available. There were numerous relaxation areas and sweet mint tea for guests.

I chose a package which allowed 2 hours in the baths followed by a 30 minute relaxation massage. Other packages are available which include essential oil and lather. My time slot was at 10pm, which seemed a bit strange at first, being so late, but it was a fantastic way to relax before bed.

Some things to keep in mind: make sure to drink lots of water after the hammam experience, as you can become easily dehydrated. Also note that some hammam’s wont allow both men and women in the same baths, so be sure to check if you plan to visit with a companion of the opposite sex.

I would highly recommend Hammam Al Andalus. They were professional and the decor and atmosphere are incredible. They have hammams in Cordoba and Madrid as well.

For More Information:

Hammam Al Andalus Website




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