Paris Catacombs

Haunted Paris Catacombs

I love the macabre and jump at the chance to visit the dark and creepy corners of the world. I have visited numerous catacombs and crypts but none came close the vastness and eeriness of Paris Catacombs.

Located south of the former city gate, the Catacombs hold the remains of an estimated 6 million people. The tunnels created in the 18th Century, when the city cemeteries were overflowing and a new solution was needed to bury the dead. The bones were exhumed from several cemeteries and arranged in underground tunnels.

The Catacombs are a huge labyrinth, that carry on for hundreds of miles, most of which is off limits to tourists. The public portion of the Catacombs are still extensive and well worth a visit. The artfully arranged skulls and bones, dim lighting and twisting passageways is sure to intrigue.

A few tips for visiting the Paris Catacombs:

  • The number of visitors allowed in the tunnels at one time is restricted, so there may be a line up when you first arrive. Plan to come early to avoid waiting.
  • Plan to spend at least 1 to 1.5 hours exploring the Catacombs.
  • It can get cold underground, so bring a sweater or jacket, even in the summer.
  • Where comfortable, supportive shoes – the are lots of stairs, dim lit areas and up to 2km of walking.
  • There are no washrooms or lockers in the Catacombs, so come prepared.

Enjoy exploring the underworld of the City of Light!

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