How to Travel Gluten Free in Slovenia

Slovenia is a nice, safe, European country to visit and is quite easy to accommodate a gluten free diet. Although you will be disappointed to not be able to eat the lush looking cream cakes and pastries, they do have options for the gluten free traveler.

English is widely spoken in the capital, but it’s still a good idea to bring language cards to show when eating a meal out. Smaller towns there won’t be as much English.

Some Slovenian dishes, like potatoes, meats, and some stews might be gluten free, but it varies by restaurant. Overall finding quick snacks was a little challenging, so bringing snack bars for day trips helped.

Opt for grilled fish and salad but watch salad dressing. Luckily ‘gluten free’ is labeled on lots of grocery store products (like sand which meats and rice cakes) and you can find GF bread in larger grocery stores (Scher brand).

For snacks, good options are fruit, sliced veggies, sandwich meats (they have lovely thin-sliced salami), and rice cakes.

Some ice cream stands in Ljubljana offer GF options but double-check. I asked about one I saw listed as vegan and GF on the sign but was disappointed to learn it could have trace amounts. Gelato Romantica did offer gluten free and lactose free options, which was great.


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