Survival Guide: Marrakesh Medina

Many travelers describe Marrakesh as abusive to the senses and its easy to see why. Between the smoke, noise, hustle, hassle and impossible to navigate Medina, it can be overwhelming to even the most seasoned traveler. Once you overcome the initial frustration though, Marrakesh can be an incredible and exotic place to spend a few days. Here are some tips to help you cope and enjoy your stay.

Arrange transport to your hotel if you are situated in the Medina

It’s tempting to think you can find your own way, but the Medina is seriously confusing an unless your accommodation is on a main path, you will get lost, frustrated and will likely end up paying someone to show you the way anyway

Get a guide for your first day

Having a guide show you around on your first day will save you a lot of frustration, give you some history and the tools to navigate on your own afterwards.

Visit the Artist Ensemble to get a grasp of prices

If you want to do some shopping in Marrakesh, you should visit the government run Artist Ensemble to get a feel for prices and quality. They will likely have better quality but higher prices from what you’ll find in Souks. It’s a good starting point before trying to haggle in the markets.

Negotiate upfront

If you get lost in the souks and need someone to show you out, or want to take a taxi somewhere make sure to agree on a price first, or it could lead to an argument later.

Despite the craziness of Marrakesh at first glance, it really is an amazing place to to visit. I highly recommend spending a few days there and then moving onto somewhere quieter.


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