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Gluten Free Travel in Peru

Similar to neighbouring Bolivia, there aren’t a lot of gluten free labelled food products or speciality gluten free grocery items in Peru, but the basics are easy to get by on. Quinoa is a popular, high nutrition, gluten-free grain that is commonly used in Peru. It is found in cereal, soup and snacks, and can […]

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Gluten Free Travel in Chile

After traveling through neighboring Argentina, Chile was a bit disappointing for this gluten-free traveler. Not only is food no longer labeled as being gluten free in Chile (as it is in Argentina & Brazil), but there is an ever-growing presence of battered and fried foods. Be very careful in restaurants to make sure food isn’t

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Gluten Free in Argentina

For someone on a gluten free diet, travel in Argentina is a delight. Not only are the staple foods celiac-friendly, but all products list whether or not they contain gluten. This includes; candy, spices, ice cream, yogurt, beverages, condiments, ect. Its also widely understood when you say “soy celiaco/a” (I´m a celiac) or “sin trigo” (without

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