Tokyo Must Do: Robot Restaurant

After several days in Tokyo, I found myself still searching for the weird, wonderful and electronic side of Japan I was hoping for. We had seen temples, eaten sushi, enjoyed a cat cafe and visited the animation area Akiabara for some afternoon arcades, but it still wasn’t quite what I was hoping for. Robot restaurant […]

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Where to Stay in Tokyo

Tokyo is huge and diverse, so its important to stay in the right area for the kind of visit you are planning. For myself, I wanted to be in the action, have lots of dining options, easily able to get around on public transport and accessible to the JR rain line. Here are brief summaries

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Street Food

Best Bangkok Street Food

A trip to Thailand isn’t complete without enjoying some street food specialties. Thai food blends simple cooking with aromatic spices such as lemongrass, kaffir lime, and basil. Spicy and sweet flavors blended together with coconut milk, nuts and fruit make for some incredible dishes. I have always been a huge lover of Thai food, and

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Unexpected Berlin

After seeing a large chunk of Eastern Europe (and Western on different occasions) I have to say I was quite surprised by Berlin. Although the city has an intense and battered history, you wont find the same Europe as you do in other places. There isn’t the same cobblestone quarters and ornate buildings, there is

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Budapest Spa Experience

After hours of driving from Romania, getting stuck in Budapest traffic, nearly 40-degree weather, hauling suitcases up staircases, etc, I was ready for some R&R. Luckily, our next stop was the Hungarian capital of Budapest. Hungary has over 100 thermal and 400 mineral springs, making Budapest a world-renowned spa destination. There are many spa’s in

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Lucho Libre

A Weird Night of Lucho Libre

After spending about 10 days in Bolivia I thought I had seen it all. Dehydrated llama fetuses for good luck, guys in full zebra costumes directing traffic and witches markets selling all kinds of animal parts but nothing prepared me for the weirdest Bolivian experience of all. While milling about in our hostel we noticed

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Chilling out in Santiago

Following Easter Island, we made our way back to Santiago the capital of Chile. Its a large city of about 6 million people and is located in the centre of Chile. We spent a few days wandering around shopping in artisan markets and seeing the colonial downtown with all the beautiful cathedrals and plazas. The

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