A Day Trip to Slovakia

One of the great things about travel in Europe is the ease of crossing borders, allowing you to easily pass from one country into the other without much effort. A great example of this is between Austria and Slovakia, where you can easily take the ferry across from Vienna to Bratislava for a day trip.

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Day Trip to Lovely Egar

Budapest is an amazing city but a week was a tad long for me and I really wanted to get out of the city and explore the beautiful and peaceful countryside. A day trip to Egar, the wine capital of Hungary, was just what I needed. The train is a cheap and easy method but

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Beneath Budapest Castle

After travelling through Eastern Europe for almost 3 weeks I had seen my fair share of castles, palaces and gardens. No matter how amazing those sights are, you are bound to get bored after a while,  and I was itching to see something really different. After a little digging, we came across one of the

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Travel Guide: Transylvania

Most North Americans have an impression of Transylvania – dark, eerie, horse-drawn carriages and vampire legends – but that is so off base it’s unbelievable. We toured through the very heart of Transylvania between Sinia, Brașov, Sighişoara and Sibiu and rarely found anything related to vampire legend, besides a couple of cheesy tourist T-shirts and

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