Bullfighting in Seville

To watch a bullfight, or not to watch a bullfight. That’s a question on many travellers minds when visiting Spain. On one hand, there are very real issues with animal rights and cruelty, on the other, bullfighting is a highly regarded part of Spanish culture and has been for centuries. Unsure of my own stance

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A Night of Flamenco

A trip to Spain wouldn’t be complete without watching a Flamenco show, and there is no better place than in Seville. Following a recommendation, we decided to see an evening show at El Patio Sevillano, which is one of the longest-running flamenco show in Seville dating back to the early 1950s. There are two shows

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Hammam Experience in Granada

After a long day of exploring the Alhambra, I needed to relax and what better way than in a traditional hammam. The Hammam Al Andalus is one of the first Arab baths in Europe to be re-opened since the sixteenth century and it was a fantastic experience. The interior of the baths were incredible, decorated

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A Day Trip to Slovakia

One of the great things about travel in Europe is the ease of crossing borders, allowing you to easily pass from one country into the other without much effort. A great example of this is between Austria and Slovakia, where you can easily take the ferry across from Vienna to Bratislava for a day trip.

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