5 Best Winter Photography Spots in the Canadian Rockies

Spanning the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta, the Canadian Rocky Mountains are a picturesque natural wonderland, filled with turquoise lakes, glaciers, jagged snowy peaks, and trees as far as you can see. This area includes several of Canada’s most stunning National Parks, like famous Banff and Lake Louise, and other beautiful parks such as […]

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Hike: Crypt Lake

Crypt Lake is a popular full day hike from Waterton Lakes and rumoured to be one of the best hikes in Canada. You have to take a boat across Waterton Lake to the trailhead which runs very close to the Canada and US border. The hike takes you through an epic valley filled with wildflower

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Iceline Trail Hike

Hike: Iceline Trail

The Iceline Trail is a spectacular and challenging hike in Yoho National Park, that takes you high up into the ice line. The hike starts from the spectacular Takakkaw Falls, then steadily climbs to the top of a range overlooking a gorgeous mountain valley. There are a number of glaciers along the edge of the

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Mount Indefatigable

Hike: Mount Indefatigable

Starting from beautiful Upper Kananaskis Lake, this hike is a gruelling upward slog, but incredibly rewarding, every single time you look back. The panoramic views over Upper and Lower Kananaskis Lakes get better every time you stop to catch your breath, and even if you don’t summit, you will be thankful for the breathtaking view

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