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London Photo Gallery

I love London! And one of my favorite things about the city is how diverse it is. It is the most unique blend of old and new, and it makes for great photo opportunities. Take a look at some of my favorite photos from the last few visits.

Spain Photo Gallery

Spain was an amazing country to visit, and I was lucky to get a great collection of images. The ancient twisting streets of Barcelona, amazing Gaudi architecture, sunny Seville and white villiages of Andalusia all made for amazing photos.

New York Photo Gallery

New York was a fantastic place for photo opportunities. From the eccentric people in Time’s Square to the beautiful harbor at night, I got some great shots. I even tried a few HDR images too. Take a look at a gallery of my best images here:

Cambodia Photo Gallery

Cambodia was an incredibly photogenic country to spend a few weeks. The ruins of Angkor, the water villiages and the grittiness of Phenom Penn all added to the countries beautiful mosaic of colors, textures and people. Here are some of my favorite images.


Vietnam Photo Gallery

Vietnam was amazing to photograph! The cities, beaches, and temples were filled with color, texture and movement. In particular, the people were my favorite to capture, and there were some great black and white photo opportunities. Here are some of my best photos:

France Photo Gallery

France is lovely, with its chateau’s, perfect gardens, vineyards, cobblestone streets and architecture. It was an amazing place to spend 3 weeks taking in Paris, and the surrounding areas of Versailles and the Louire Valley. Here are some photos from the trip:

Cuba Photo Gallery

Cuba is vibrant in all ways – music, culture, history and color! Havana is stunning with its vintage cars, crumbling buildings and cobblestone. I was able to take in a show at the Tropicana Club during my stay, and it was even more colorful. Here are some photos from the trip.

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