Tokyo Must Do: Robot Restaurant

After several days in Tokyo, I found myself still searching for the weird, wonderful and electronic side of Japan I was hoping for. We had seen temples, eaten sushi, enjoyed a cat cafe and visited the animation area Akiabara for some afternoon arcades, but it still wasn’t quite what I was hoping for. Robot restaurant […]

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Best of New York Broadway

I visited New York as part of a Broadway Musicals and Jazz studies course through the University of Calgary, and had the opportunity to see seven Broadway shows throughout my 2-week stay. While each had their moments, I highly recommend some over others. My tastes in Broadway are quite broad, but I typically like classics

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Lucho Libre

A Weird Night of Lucho Libre

After spending about 10 days in Bolivia I thought I had seen it all. Dehydrated llama fetuses for good luck, guys in full zebra costumes directing traffic and witches markets selling all kinds of animal parts but nothing prepared me for the weirdest Bolivian experience of all. While milling about in our hostel we noticed

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Easter Island Tapati Festival

Easter Island is an incredible place. Even more so during the yearly Tapati cultural festival. During this week-long festival, this island is alive with competitions, concerts, sporting events, artistic displays, feasts and many other events. We were fortunate enough to be able to visit the island during the festival, which occurs every year at the

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