Wine Lover’s Guide to Argentina

Argentina is a wine lover’s paradise filled with varied, sweeping landscapes and nearly year-long sunshine in some regions. Some of the most premium wines are produced in the western Mendoza/San Juan wine region in central Argentina, and in the northern Salta/Cafayate province. These areas have large and small-scale Bodega’s (vineyards) offering wine tastings, wine tours,

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Day Trip to Lovely Egar

Budapest is an amazing city but a week was a tad long for me and I really wanted to get out of the city and explore the beautiful and peaceful countryside. A day trip to Egar, the wine capital of Hungary, was just what I needed. The train is a cheap and easy method but

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Wine & Whitewater in Mendoza

With world-class vineyards, rafting, hiking, horseback riding, rock climbing and great nightlife, Mendoza is enough to keep a traveller busy for days. It was by far my favourite Argentinian city and one I would love to return to. Mendoza is located in the centre of Argentina, in an arid, mountainous region, famous for wine production.

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