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Spain 2012

A 12 day whirl-wind trip around Spain, starting in Barcelona, followed by a flight to Granada to see the amazing Alhambra. Then off to Seville and the Andelucia region, a tour of the white villages, followed by a quick stop in Cordoba and ending in Madrid.

Top 10 things attractions in Spain:

  1. Exploring the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona
  2. Visiting the Alhambra in Granada
  3. Touring the White Villages in Andelucia
  4. Seeing the Mezquita in Cordoba
  5. Experiencing the nighlife in Barcelona
  6. Visiting a hammam in Granada
  7. Seeing a Flaminco show in Seville
  8. Amazing Spanish food and wine!
  9. Wandering in lovely Seville
  10. Visiting the art galleries in Madrid




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