Tips for New York on a Budget

Visiting one of the world’s greatest cities comes with a steep price tag. There are several ways to make your trip to the Big Apple without the big dollar, without sacrificing the experience. Cutting down on food and entertainment costs can also let you re-allocate funds towards other must do things (like seeing a Broadway show). Here are some tips to make New York more affordable:

Food on a Budget:

The easiest way to save on food in NYC is by self-catering, and the famous Zabars deli is a great place to pack yourself a picnic lunch, grab a coffee or baked good on the go, and see a little piece of New York’s history. The deli is located on the Upper West Side, closest to the subway line at 81st Street. They have some gluten free options and its not too far a walk to the waterfront or Central Park to enjoy your lunch.

Discount Shopping:

New York has a huge amount of consignment, vintage and charity shops with some great finds. I would highly recommend browsing through the second-hand racks to get your shopping fix. It’s a better option to find something uniquely New York, without breaking the bank. Check out Time Out’s guide to New Yorks best vintage stores:

Free Sights:

Some of New York’s best sights don’t cost anything! Make sure you check out:

Upper West Side Waterfront

A lovely place for a picnic, or some photo opportunities. The harbour is beautiful at night and there are some boat docks which give a different perspective looking back on the city.

Central Park

A must-see for any New York visitor. You could spend a whole day walking around Central Park, or rent a bike! Make sure to stop by the John Lenon memorial on your way around the park

Sights and Sounds of Time Square

The first time you leave the subway and turn around to see Time’s Square, it will take your breath away. Spend an evening wandering around and people watching in this iconic area.

Central Station

Explore Central Station and practice your photo skills in this historic, must-see station.

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