Tokyo Must Do: Robot Restaurant

After several days in Tokyo, I found myself still searching for the weird, wonderful and electronic side of Japan I was hoping for. We had seen temples, eaten sushi, enjoyed a cat cafe and visited the animation area Akiabara for some afternoon arcades, but it still wasn’t quite what I was hoping for. Robot restaurant was exactly what the doctor ordered.

Deep in the red light area of Shinjuku was a dinner theater type show that features robots, explosions, dancers in neon jumpsuits and a bizarre story line the can only be described as anime live. The restaurant itself is view-able from blocks away, hologram siding and a bright flashing neon sign greets you, along with ‘sexy’ female robots you can get photos with at the door. Once inside guests can enjoy a drink while being entertained by men in robot suite playing jazz in a completely mirrored and electric lounge before being escorted to a run-way style show area.

The show was incredible. A complete sensory overload of every kind. Lights, lasers, robots, explosions, live music and dancing. It was a loud and vibrant and everything I hoped Japan to be summed up in a 1 hour show and served up with a cocktail. Go. See. Robot. Restaurant.

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