Waterfall Repelling in Hawaii

I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie, so when booking my upcoming trip to Hawaii, I was determined to dig up the islands best adventures.

Most of the Hawaiian islands have hikes, surfing, sailing and scuba diving, but I was after something different. I finally found an outfitter on the island of Kauai who offered kayaking and waterfall repelling trips. I was sold! Repelling down a gushing waterfall was exactly what I was looking for.

We started off with a several kilometer kayak trip up a gentle river, a short jungle walk and then an orientation and practice repel before heading into the jungle to find our waterfall. There were three routes down and each participant got to try two routes. One was an easier route, with even flow and rock placement. The other two were more ‘intermediate’ with heavier waterflow and a slight overhang.

What a rush! Not a lot beats water gushing in your face as you struggle to find out footing and repelling down into a waist deep pool of water. Exhilarating! And highly recommended to spice up your vacation! Contact Island Adventures for a variety of adventure sport options on Kauai.

For More Information:

Island Adventures



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