What’s in my Camera Bag

I love photography!

And get asked often what kind of camera I use. Below is a list of what’s currently in my camera bag. I will state, however, that the camera and lens don’t matter that much when creating beautiful images. The quality of the image makes a difference, so having nice lenses and equipment does matter in terms of sharpness and detail, but the story, framing, lines, color and texture are what make an outstanding photograph. Amazing pictures can be taken with a camera phone or a high-end professional system. The camera you use is just a tool and which will work best for you, comes down to personal preferences and budget.

One of the most common things I’m asked is, what kind of camera do I use. My camera bags contents have changed over the years, but I have mostly used Canon pro-sumer equipment before slowly replacing it with professional full frame Canon gear. 

Recently, I bought a Sony mirrorless camera to reduce weight and simplify my camera equipment when travelling. So far I’ve been quite happy with the switch as the weight of my gear was inhibiting my love for photography, and now I have no reason to not have a camera with me. I only have two lenses for the Sony so far, but they have covered most of what I need.

Happy image making!

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