Winter Weekend in Fernie

Fernie is the quintessential Canadian mountain town, that makes the ideal weekend get-away. It’s one of my favorite spots in the Canadian Rockies, and not just for its incredible ski resort. It’s about 3 hours drive of Calgary and has a host of outdoor activities and mountain adventures. Here is the perfect way to spend a weekend in this town:

Ice HockeySki Fernie’s Alpine Resort

Fernie is one of Southern BC’s best ski resorts, with the reportedly highest amount of annual snowfall out of any resort in the Canadian Rockies. There are 10 chairlifts, 5 bowls, and over 140 runs in the area, making it a great place to spend a few days in the powder. There are also a variety of summer activities like hiking, a zip line and aerial park, and a mountain bike area.

There are also two other great ski resorts within an hour drive – Kimberly Ski Resort and Castle Mountain Ski Resort – if you are chasing the best ski conditions.


Skate/play hockey on frozen pond

Do as the Canadian’s do, and brave the cold air for long enough to enjoy passing the puck around or gliding across a frozen pond. There are numerous free outdoor rinks in Fernie, including a maintained one at the courthouse or a more natural one along the river in Annex Park. Grab some rentals and head over to the north end of town where you can find a cleaned, small rink for skating in a beautiful snowy park surrounded by trees. Follow up with a hot chocolate!


Curry Bowl Restaurant

Fernie has some surprisingly good restaurant options for a small mountain town. No trip is complete without a meal at one of my favorite restaurants – the Curry Bowl! Grab some delicious Thai food after a long day outdoors to warm up, I highly recommend the Green Curry. They also cater to food allergies and have great gluten free options.

For a quick meal, also try the Lunchbox for fresh salad, soup or chili on-the-go.


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